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The Adventures of Tintin Vol. 7 – The Calculus Affair, The Red Sea Shark, Tintin in Tibet

Tintin vol.7Ratings: 3.5/5

This is one of the best volume with my favourite being the calculus affair and Tintin in Tibet.

The Calculus Affair

The Calculus Affair begin with strange incidents of glasses broken in Malinpike, Captain Haddock’s home. An insurance agent Jolyon Wagg’s windshield broken and make himself an indispensable guest in Haddock’s home. A man was shot dead outside of the home, and when they called the police, the dead man’s body dissappeared. Professor Cuthbert Calculus packed his bag and is off to Geneva. Tintin went to Professor Calculus home and found an ultrasonic device which is responsible for all the glass breaking incidents around the neighbourhood. They found an intruder and he ran out of the door leaving a pack of cigarette scribbled with Hotel Cornavin in Geneva where Calculus will be staying. Haddock and Tintin went to Geneva to warn Prof Calculus of the danger but they both missed him at the elevator and the professor departed to Nyon. Along the way to catch up with professor, Haddock was tripped over by one of the spies and while in the taxi a black critreon 15 swerve to push them into a lake. They arrived at Topolino Alfredo’s home where Professor Calculus was supposed to meet him. They found Prof Topolino gagged and tied up at the cellar and he claimed Prof Calculus did it. Upon clarification Tintin told Topolino that someone posed as Calculus, and while Calculus came to see Topolino, they kidnapped him. Calculus had discovered this ultrasonic instruments that can destroy a city and wrote a letter to Topolino to describe the his work. Topolino’s servant, a Bordurian called Boris tipped off his country’s secret service. but the Syldavian espionage got wind of the invention too, and sen an agent to Marlinspike where he stumbled upon his Bordurian rival and shot him. While they relate the stories over a drink, Topolino’s house was bombed, and all three was badly injured. They went to Bordurian embassy to discover Prof Calculus ready to be deported by helicopter. Another group of Syldavian was there too, and tintin chased by helicopter the Syldavian who took Prof Calculus away by speedboat. They called the radio to inform the police, where Jolyon Wagg was hosting and would not believe their story. They hitched a hike but none would stop, an Italian soon helped them chased down the yellow car with Professor in it. When they reached the yellow car, they found nothing. Tintin soon figured out that Professor was hidden under the back seat of the car. They followed the trail to Syldavian where they were held prisoners with an escort. They escaped and seek refuge at the Szohod opera and met Tintin opera friend at her room while Colonel Sponsz paid a visit to her and told her everything about their intention to finish off professor Calculus while his long coat was hung on the wardrobe that Tintin and Haddock is hidden.

They took the letter from the Colonel’s long coat, posed as two reps from the International Red Cross and freed the professor. During the chase, they crashed their car, hijacked a tank, whisked past landmines, and cross the frontier. Prof Calculus burnt the plan of his invention and Jolyon Wagg’s family who stayed in the Haddock had decided to get out of the house before they contracted any chickenpox virus.

The Red Sea Shark

General Alcazar was selling planes and armaments to countries at war. While Prince Abdullah was sent to Marlinspike to be sheltered from the father’s Coup D’etat in their country. They tracked the General down and found evidence of plane “mosquitoes” had been sold. While Prince Abdullah was up to his many pranks in Marlinspike, Haddock wanted to get away from his home. They went to Wadesdah, capital of Khemed and was refused entry by a client of Alcazar who sells arms to the rebel of Khemed. The plane made a crash landing due to fire at the wings before it exploded with a planted bomb at the rear where Snowy was trying to warn Tintin but was ignored. They sought old friend Oliveira De Figueira to seek shelter and the next day disguised as local women balancing pot on their heads, escaped an attempt on their lives by war planes and tanks to reach a city craved out of mountain (modelled from Petra of Jordan). There they met Ben Kalish Ezab. He allowed Arabair to build a base in Wadesdah and when he wanted to bring Prince Abdullah to see the base, he was refused. The base was suspected to be use as rounding up slaves en route to Mecca. Arabair was owned by di Gorgonzola, shipping magnate, gun trafficker etc.. During the conversation, Snowy took Kalish Ezab pet cheetah’s bone and had a near fatal row. They set sail in a sambuk which was then sunk by an air attack. They saved an enemy pilot Skut where his plane was crashed.

While drifting in the sea, di Gorgonzola cruise ship saw them. At first, he persuaded his captain to ignore their call for help. But the guest begin to get too inquisitive, and he took them on board. di Gorgonzola then instructed them to be transferred to Ramona, ship bound for Mecca with no good Allan as captain. The crew abandoned the ship when it was on fire, leaving Haddock and Tintin on  board. Haddock and Tintin managed to extinguish the fire on Ramona and steered it away. They found Negro slaves on board. An Arab man came on board to inspect the ship and Haddock chased him away. The next scene (in my opinion) became controversial as Haddock lectured the Negros about them potentially becomes slave when they reached Mecca and are persuaded not to go there and finally they agreed. A submarine code name Shark then attempted to shoot many torpedos onto Ramona but missed. They send a frogman to implant the mine on Ramona to explode within an hour but he was knocked down by an anchor and a shark swallowed the mine. di Gorgonzola escaped in his speedboat and when it sinked, it converter to a submarine (James Bond style). Haddock and Tintin came home found Jolyon Wagg turned Marlinspike into a rally preparation ground.


Tintin in Tibet

Tintin dreamt of Chang, his close chinese friend, asking for help half buried in snow. Chang was suppose to leave from Hong Kong to England when the plane crashed in Nepal. Tintin believed he is not dead and determined to find him at the air crash site. While Haddock tried to persuade Tintin not to go with no avail, he went with him. At New Delhi, Haddock tried to move a cow out of the road, almost late for the plane and ate Chili sun dried on the floor. They approached a man named Tharkey, who at first refused to take them up the mountains. Tintin decided to go on his own. Last minute Haddock and Tharkey with his men joined the expedition. Through the mountainous terrain, they camped and walked for days. Haddock lost one of his whiskey bottle in the night. They suspected the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, took it and they found footprints of Yeti, Tharkey men left the expedition. They arrived at the crash site, not a soul was there. Tintin found a cave craved with Chang’s Chinese name. A snow storm came and Tintin fell into a crevasse. Snowy howled and howled until Haddock and Tharkey came for them. They went to the cave with Chang’s name again and Tintin was persuaded to turn back as to believe Chang would not have survived with the cold and Yeti out there. Just then Tintin saw Chang’s yellow scarf. Tharkey left the expedition at this point and Haddock and Tintin continued the journey. Haddock fell from the rocks and was suspended by rope in the air. He wanted to cut the rope to save Tintin, but his clumsy hands couldn’t make it and the knife fell where at this point Tharkey changed his mind and came back to save them. In the night, one of the tent was blown away and engulfed the snowman. They found a monastery where they could take a rest but they were buried in an avanlanche. Snowy went to the monastery for help, although can’t resist the temptation of a bone, Tintin’s SOS message was blown away. One of the monks had a vision that they were coming, so they persuaded the rest not to harm Snowy and go look for Tintin and friends. Tintin and friends was persuaded by the Grant Abbot to leave the hunt, as Chang is believed to be dead. The monk with the vision held out the yellow scarf to Tintin and had a vision that he is in the mountain of the horn of yak and that he is lying on couch of juniper branches with a fever and a vision of Migou (another name for Yeti). Tintin decided to go to this Horn of Yak mountain where they waited till the snowman came out of his cave and Tintin went into save Chang, while Haddock on a lookout and whistle when Yeti comes back. Tintin found Chang, and they shed tears. Tintin and Chang didn’t get out in time and Yeti came back. Yeti was frightened by a flash of light that came off from Tintin’s camera and ran off. Chang told the story of how the Yeti took care of him when he was hurt. The Grand Abbot and men came to honour and bless Tintin and friends. The last scene was a sad one as Tintin and friends took Chang home on the caravan bound for Nepal while Yeti looks on behind the stones.

In Tintin in Tibet, you can see Tintin crying for his good friend Chang. It is so touching. Wikipedia commented it is so unusual for Tintin to be emotional. It is said, On June 1 2006, Tintin became the first fictional character to be awarded the Dalai Lama’s Truth of Light award. Read all about it in this link:


I didn’t know they had a synopsis as well. If I knew it, I wouldn’t have bothered. Oh Well!

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