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Waiting for the right theme….

For a long time I have been searching for the right blog theme. Last month I had a conversation with Prince Charming who happened to have a blog theme I would like to convert to, this is how the conversation goes:

JoV : Your new theme looks really cool. I was tempted to switch to this, but the font size seems too small, and my categories are a big mess, wasn’t so sure if the category should be up there so prominently on the headers (refering to theme “Enterprise”).

There is no one theme that would suit me, is there? 😦 I use the same theme for all my blogs. Pathetic right?

Prince Charming: Ah, don’t despair. There’s a perfect theme out there for every blogger. I’m sure that it will come along when you least expect it……. hmmm, this has the makings of an excellent blogcentric romcom (Romantic Comedy).

JoV: LOL. Romcom indeed. Guess I’ll just sit and wait for the right man (I mean, theme). 🙂

Prince Charming: Life is nothing but a big romcom. Sometimes it’s just not a very good romcom. My recommendation would be that rather than sit and wait for the right man-theme, you should go out and pursue as many outlandish, gimmicky activities as you can. Then, you’re likely to meet a handsome yet really annoying man-theme, who you take an instant dislike to. Don’t give up, if you really don’t get along then it’s likely he is perfect for you/your blog. All those romcoms can’t be wrong.

I think it might be a little harsh to describe having a consistent theme across all of your blog. I’d be more tempted to use the word “coordinated”. How many blogs do you write?

JoV: There are 3. but one lies dormant now. Perhaps I’ll co-write a blog (which you may not be interested, since your reading stats is zilch) which do not requires much maintenance. There is talk about becoming a guest blogger for a book blog (Not yours Shelbi, if you are reading this, another blog), but I’m lukewarm about it. So really, the optimum number is 2. Anything more than that you are spreading yourself too thin.

hmm you are right about going out there and taking action to hunt down the perfect man-theme. Problem is I have done a lot speed dating with lots of wordpress man-themes, and I still don’t like them. The recent man-themes are becoming more and more pleasing to my eyes… but I must say after spending quite awhile in your theme, it sort of grow on me. 😉

Prince Charming: A dormant blog sounds very mysterious. It fits the whole romcom theme perfectly. Maybe your perfect theme will come and rouse your dormant blog from its slumber. How very romantic.

What’s the link to your non-book blog? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one. My blog theme is exceptionally enticing.. everybody tells me so.

JoV: My non-blog theme / name is a mysterious creature, waiting to be explored and not for public exhibit. An old fashioned girl she is, like sleeping beauty, she is lying dormant, waiting for prince charming to come and rescue her from the witch’s cruel spell. It is for prince charming to go hunt her down, not she to drop hint as to where her slumbered blog lies.

Prince Charming: Blimey, you’re really setting a challenge. This scenario may almost transcend the romcom genre and morph into a fairy tale. This is new territory for all of us and it must be explored carefully.

Surely it’s acceptable to leave a little clue, though.

JoV: Nah.. don’t think so. it might shatter whatever romantic notion you might have for my non-book blog, there would be a fall out in our “happy ending” expected romcom rosy ending. The principle of romcom is that it’s shallow. Dug any deeper and you will find dirt. That would ruin the appeal of a romcom.

So the search for the wordpress man-theme began and today I found a theme that I could potentially build a long term relationship with!!!! GREYZED is his name! Dirty and Grundgy, he is cool, alternative and devil may care sort of theme. It isn’t because I didn’t like my old theme, I still miss my old theme INOVE, classy, tight and packed, it made reading a lot easier and quicker. I still miss my old theme, but I’m intrigue with GREYZED! Sigh…

Tell me, have I made the right decision? (Can you please get out of your google reader and help me assess my new theme? You know how long I have waited for the right man (I mean, theme) to come by, it’s important that you my blogger family approves it), I know Bina approves! 😉


About JoV

A bookaholic that went out of control.... I eat, sleep and breathe books. Well, lately I do other stuff.


5 thoughts on “Waiting for the right theme….

  1. Excellent choice for you…definitely cool and I especially like the left hand side bar (not too many themes have that). I know exactly what you mean about waiting for the right theme (and man for that matter) and I hope it was worth it for you 🙂

    I am curious too about your non book blog but I totally understand the need for secret identities – I have several myself

    Posted by Bernadette in Australia | June 10, 2010, 5:31 am
    • @Bernadette, My non-book blog is really a lot of ranting… about the state of affairs, about politics, about the economy, about the demands of life, about anything that shows up in the public eyes really.. which I think only I would be interested.

      Thanks for the stamp of approval, Bernadette, appreciate it. 😉

      Posted by JoV | June 10, 2010, 10:53 am
  2. I’ve looked at all the pages now and tootled around the blog and definitely approve – even my ageing eyes can cope with the font size, especially the white on grey in the side-bar which is easy to read.

    Posted by Bernadette in Australia | June 10, 2010, 5:40 am
  3. Haha, I do indeed. Your man-theme is über-cool! 🙂 So there´s another blog. . interesting, interesting 😉 But keeping it seperate does make sense 🙂

    Posted by Bina | June 11, 2010, 8:52 pm

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