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I am in love with Edward

It was January 2009, I finished 3 of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga in December 2008 and waited till 24 February 2009 to read the first book of Twilight because it was such a long queue at the library. I wouldn’t have gotten Twilight if not for the fact that I picked it up from the short loan section. Out of all, I thought New Moon is so whiney, Eclipse so-so, Breaking Dawn was an action-packed and a good closure. But I really like the first book Twilight, but overall I thought the whole series was just too cheesy, and I’m uncomfortable with the idea of Bella decision to leave the light and venture into the dark with Edward, it is a bad role model for the teenagers who are reading the book. It was too cheesy and there were moments that it made me want to puke.

I take that back, me being the last person on the universe who hasn’t watch Twilight the movie yet, watched it last night and I must say I’m a convert, and a soon-to-be fanatic of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

The credit goes to director Catherine Hardwicke. The intensity of the relationship, the awkward moments in the lab and the cafeteria, I thought it was unnatural, but then when you think Edward is struggling between wanting to feast on his “dinner” and his attraction to Bella, you begin to understand why his perplexed and weird facial expression.

The misty dreamy scene at the meadows was so beautiful. The scene was shot in the Olympics Park, and green moss, the mist, the rain, it gave me a out-of-the-world feeling to it. The theatrical angry dialogue between Bella and Edward that follows was superb before he stood under the sun and “glitters”. It is very clever, as you appreciate that Edward belong to another period. And then that beautiful glass house that perched in the forest, and when Edward took Bella on his back and watch the majestic view of the region of North Washington (Forks and Port Angelas) from atop. As the wind blows and the tree sways, we, the viewers watched as the couple chat on the tree top. Next scene the viewers were quickly brought back to Edward’s house and there he is playing the piano!!! I started the movie thinking Pattinson has a weird looking nose, wasn’t that all good looking and then he played the piano!! I AM IN LOVE!!

If you are one of those who followed my blog long enough, you will know that I hardly read romance stories, and I really do stay away from the genre like a plague. I have watched many romantic movies in my life, but this is different. The darkness of it, the gloomy weather, the rain, watching the scene made me felt like déjà vu, like I have seen all these in one of my dreams. When the piano piece Bella’s Lullaby is played, it sent a tingle in my body that is foreign, and the love between Bella and Edward… I feel it, I really feel it. It is soooooo beautiful, it made me cry.…….

To hear the entire rendition of “Bella’s Lullaby”, see this:

I can listen to Bella’s Lullaby again and again and again. The Piano scene that made me fell in love with Edward:

And if you think Pattinson feigned the piano playing scene, take a look at this deleted scene where Pattinson is playing another song for Bella:

I think Catherine Hardwicke should win the Oscar for the Director of the year and Carter Burwell for Musical Director / Soundtrack of the Year. I also checked out the soundtrack of the movie and utmost appreciation for the musical genius of Carter that provides such a dreamy soundtrack at the background. My weekend was squandered away by researching and dreaming about the movie and the soundtrack. If you like a different rendition of the “Bella’s Lullaby” you can download “The Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb”.  Carter Burwell writes music of stuff that I listened to, the new age sort of music, the likes of Real music offers the national park series of music, music of Mike Oldfield, Secret Gardens, Mars Lasar, get the gist of it yet?  The fact is the movie far, far exceeded the expectation of the book. Edward was one-dimensional in the book but the movie breathed life into Edward Cullens. He is cool, he is intelligent, he is agile and he plays the piano (Pattinson’s a singer too)! Wow! When I read the book, I thought Bella should be with Jacobs, but now, I’m convinced that Bella should be with Edward. Edward, Edward, Edward… sigh!

I won’t be jumping the bandwagon in reading more vampire stories. But I am in love with the movie. What an awesome performance Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson gave in this movie.

To download the music sheet of Bella’s Lullaby, click here. Let me know how you get on with the piece, will ya?

I am totally, unconditionally and hopeless in love with Edward, Oh I mean Twilight.

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5 thoughts on “I am in love with Edward

  1. I have read all of the Twilight saga, they are my guilty pleasure, but unlike you my favourite book for me is the first one. I loved the relationship between Bella and her Dad Charlie, how Bella had to shop and cook for him which never happend in the film. Actually I don’t think Charlie was in the film enough at all. However I do agree that Edward is more attractive in the film to the book, I thought Robert Pattinson was a great choice. Loved him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, have you seen it? However even with the piano playing, fabulous scene in the trees and good looks I still wouldn’t pick Edward. As you said the idea of Bella dying and going into a dark world is really unattractive to me. I still prefer Jacob.
    Plus I have the film’s soundtrack and love it!

    Posted by jessicabookworm | March 14, 2010, 7:23 pm
  2. Sensible you, Jessica. 🙂 My post might have been misleading. I do love the first book, next come the last book.

    I have seen him as Cedric in Harry Potter, but didn’t left any positive impression on me except that he is taller than the rest. But Pattinson is so talented. Ok maybe not Edward, maybe it’s Pattinson. It’s Edward, Pattinson or maybe it’s just the effect of the movie, but I’m in love with all of them!

    Posted by JoV | March 14, 2010, 11:49 pm
  3. so true.. even whenever this movie come I cant cant stop myself from watching.. the love between bella and edward is phenominal..I am in love with edward. and this bella ‘s lullaby it makes me feel strange… I get lost in some other dreamy world.

    Posted by kimmi | May 11, 2014, 7:04 am


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